Lady Deathstrike

I was excited to start to do a Lady Deathstrike. She is a character I have been looking to do for some time now, so was eager to get started. Not being sure of the recipe to use, I got started. Biting the bullet I chose a Kitty Pride (Shadowcat) for the upper body and Electra for the Lower. You can take a look at my other work here. You can also find me on both Facebook, where I have a dedicated group that you can join, and Instagram.

How was she made

Sanding down the original figures and sculpting over the bodies, I built up too the Lady Deathstrike look. The shoulders are pretty armoured, so it was a challenge to give her enough articulation to allow the posing. Sculpted with two heads, angry and normal, to allow for different scenarios These heads are easily interchangeable for light play and posing.

The base was airbrushed, and highlighted by hand. Plenty of shading with the airbrush allowed her to pop. She has been one of the more difficult, but most satisfying custom figures to complete.

Picture and 360 video

Lady Deathstrike

And here is the 360!

Marvel Legends Lady Deathstrike, by Face Customs

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