Do you want cheap marvel legends to use as a base figure?

There are a number of places I buy my base figures from, and its not always on the internet. You have to really shop around sometimes to find the best bargains. From local supermarkets to independent toy stores, to more well known comic style shops like Merchoid. All of these stores have offers on at different times of the year, so it really pays to shop around.

The most common place I will use is eBay and Amazon to be fair, but on occasions I have also bought from Smyth’s and the former Toys R Us. It all depends on price. Toys R Us was always a little more expensive though, so no doubt they priced themselves out of business. However, must admit that I will miss the Toys R Us exclusives that they used to have.

Whilst visiting the US, I can often also find a bargain in Walmart, Target and also Walgreens. In the UK toys aren’t generally sold in a pharmacy type stores, so I was surprised to find Marvel Legends in Walgreens. To be honest it has done me a favour a few times, having stock that other stores just didn’t have.

Target always seems to hit the ‘Target’ with me, pun intended. They just always seem to have a really great offer on. Even after Uncle Sam. I have bought many of figure for between $3-$10 from Target, with Walmart always being hit and miss on price. BUT, yet again, Walmart win on those pesky exclusive figures, but I find the prices are generally between $18 and $35, depending on the figure.

I have more recently been paying attention to the Comicon events that I frequent. There are plenty of sellers, selling both new and second hand action figures at this event, and some rare gems too! I can pick these up from anything from a couple of pounds, yes £2 for a base figure, up to £35-£40.

My one piece of advice, would always be to shop around, and be patient. If there isn’t a sale on, why bother, if you are just going to break the toy down as fodder anyway. If you are a hardcore collector though… That figure may just be the gold dust that you need to complete your collection. GRAB IT!

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