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Moving forward here’s whats going on with facecustoms in 2021.

Face Customs Plans in 2021

Wow what a rubbish year it has been. The borders were closed, my holiday was cancelled, and post has not really been moving anywhere. As a result many of you have been waiting, very patiently I might add, for your commissions to arrive.
As you can imagine, it isn’t just the work I have been doing that has struggled to get out, but also materials in. I can not tell you how hard it was to get some flesh coloured paint about a month ago, from my normal supplier.
I will not be taking new commissions on for 2021 once I’m through the delayed commissions from 2020
However, I shall be working on some other projects later in the year of my own. I’ll be visiting characters /figures that I have always wanted to make, but never had a chance. I may visit some of the characters I’ve made before. Obviously this will be an updated version as I still prefer them to be OOAK.


As a lot of you know, I get asked often for figures that have already been sold. What I would like to do is, whilst keeping each figure individual in its nature, actually offer a couple of variations of each figure I make. This means that whilst accepting commissions won’t be possible at the moment, my work will be available to purchase as individual pieces still. This will also allow me more time to work and progress in my love for this art.


My work will be visible on my current listing page on my website and on good old ebay. These will be predominantly as Buy it Now listings. That way by setting a price that warrants the effort and time put into the work, no one will be outbid and a fair price will be paid.

Get in touch

If you have any suggestions for characters/figures that you would like to see me make in the future,  feel free to message me and you never know you might see them in the future. I am still very much here, active and working within the community to bring new and exciting things in 2021.
I am really looking forward to working with you all in 2021. 2020 has been especially hard, and I am looking forward to what is set to be a much happier year… Fingers crossed!
Keep safe!

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