Rachel Grey Summers

Rachel Grey Summers is the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey from the alternative days of future past timeline. After being forced to become a hound and track other mutants, she escaped to the present. She then became a member of Excalibur. Rachel has also been host to the Phoenix force, which corrupted Jean Grey into Dark Phoenix.

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Marvel Legends Rachel Grey Summers by Face Customs

2 thoughts on “Rachel Grey Summers by Face Customs”

  1. hi
    first off hats off to you mate your work is out of this world DAMN i have no words to praise them, please forgive my greed and selfishness but do you sell these customs figures you produce – if so how can i order the same and where can i go to find the prices and how to do the business transaction. also do you do customs work upon request in the sense if i request for a specific character with a specific design and out look based on a comic book or picture do you take orders to produce a customs figure for the same. if so how do i proceed with making contact and placing an order?

    sorry for all the questions but i am very interested in your version of Emma Frost and Wasp wow!

    also i have in mind a specific design for a Punisher figure which i would like to pick your brain and see it produced and come to life on my mantel very soon.

    look forward to your response mate, happy thanks giving – oh sorry your British hence that does not apply 🙂

    cheers !

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