Marvel Funko

So you love Marvel? You love Funko Pop? Have you heard of Pop in a Box? Well the good news is that I have, and I am going to tell you a little bit about them.

Lets start off with the excellent Funko Pop selection starting at just £4.99. Thats correct, £4.99. Now we see these retail at a lot of UK stores for upwards of £20 each, so its refreshing to see that day in and day out, Pop in a Box has good offers available.

What Figures Do They Have?

How many figures can you name? The selection is seriously this big. I love Marvel and do have a few of these figures in my showcase. There are many more that I see Funko make that are not mainstream characters. Its pretty cool to see the available selection, and in so many shapes and sizes.

Right now they have a wide range of discounts available just in time for Black Friday. You should head over whilst they have plenty of stock if you want to increase your collection. With over 150 Marvel Pops to choose from to enhance your collection, why not order now.

Marvel Pop in Box BF


Did you know that Pop in a Box also have exclusive releases of figures? Click the below image to find out what the exclusives are…

Marvel Exclusives Pop in Box BF

Want more?

And that isn’t all. If you would like to take a look at a wider range, check out this blog post from Mark OnaBlog highlighting the current sales by category.

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