Marvel Christmas Jumper Anyone?

Well its that time of the year, where you can ask your loved ones for all of the Marvel Goodies you could possibly ask for. But before you ask for a long awaited Marvel gift, why not buy yourself a Marvel Christmas Jumper.

Our friends over at Merchoid have a pretty large selection of Christmas Jumpers available. Not only Marvel though. Merchoid have offerings from all different mainstream shows from DC to Disney, and Nintendo to Harry Potter.

My Hot Pick

Are you ready for my Hot Pick. I have already ordered this one, and can not wait for it to arrive so as I can show off my geeky side in public. I love the look of the Captain America Christmas Jumper.

Check it out, its by far one of my favourite Marvel Christmas Jumpers.

Captain America Jumper

And if you are wondering what the back of the jumper looks like, here it is:

Front and Back View Captain America Jumper

I mean thats a full on shield on the back. And it doesn’t stray too far from what you would expect from Marvel merchandise.

Check out some of their other offerings too, like a Mystery Jumper maybe. Can’t decide what you want? I mean the downside is if you don’t like DC, you may end up with one of their Batman Jumpers. I think they are still pretty cool, but also know some fans are all in with Marvel or all in with DC. Is it worth the risk? For a bit of fun I think so.

Mystery Box Merchoid Christmas Jumper

Don’t forget that you can take a look at other stores selling a wide selection of goods on my shopping page.

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