Lady Mastermind

Lady Mastermind or Reagan Wyngarde, the daughter of Jason Wyngarde the original Mastermind. She briefly joined the X-men to betray them a short time later. Her powers include the power of projecting convincing illusions into the minds of others. These illusions also have the ability to kill. Pretty scary really!

Who is Lady Mastermind?

She is the paternal half sister of Martineque Wyngarde, and alleged half sister of the X-Mens Pixie (Megan Gwynn).

I first came across her way back in extreme X-men, and later grew to like her. I chose to make her as after reading the Marauders story line into the Messiah complex, I just thought she was a pretty cool character to build.

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Picture & Video

Lady Mastermind

Front on view

Lady Mastermind

Posed front and back view, and pose with gun accessories

Lady Mastermind by Face Customs

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