Jocasta was built by Ultron in the hope of having a mate. Ultron brainwashed Henry Pym, otherwise known as Ant-Man, into transferring the mind of Janet Van Dyne into Jocasta’s shell.

Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) in Jocasta’s body alerted her team mates. The Avengers who defeated Ultron and reversed the process, left Jocasta a mindless husk. Ultron revived her and she returned to him. Even though she loved him intensely, should could not abide his evil. She eventually betrayed Ultron choosing to help the Avengers defeat her mate again.

Later she joined The Avengers and later still The Initiative.

Why I Made Her?

I actually built Jocasta at the same time as building Machine Man. This was as she was part of the Marvel Zombies story line. I wanted the piece to represent good and evil, with the option of either defending Ultron or defeating him. I achieved this by making the parts removable and fully posable for the two different scenarios.

Pictures & Video

Jocasta 1

Front on view

Jocasta 2

Head on view with energy beams

Jocasta 4

Collage with various poses


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Jocasta By Face Customs

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