Emma Frost & Jean Grey

Inspired by Giant Size X-Men, Issue1 2020 cover. Illustrated by Russell Dauterman and written by Jonathan Hickman.

Giant size X-Men follows the events of a team up with Jean Grey and Emma Frost travelling into the mind of a recently  machine virus infected Storm.

They have 30 days to solve the problem before Storm is completely taken over. The two mutants go into the mind of Storm trying to find out whats wrong with with her and after fighting there way through Storms defences finally discover something terrible…a techno virus!
The issue is fantastic and has a particular throwback silent scene with lots of nods to Grant Morrisson’s 2001 X-Men run that longtime fans will recognise straight away.

Jean Grey AloneEmma 1Jean and Emma collage 2 Jean and Emma 1Jean and Emma Collage 1


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