Bloodstone (Cullen) – Avengers Arena

Bloodstone aka Cullen Bloodstone is not a character that I would usually think of making. As it turns out, I was recently included in the Fwoosh Secret Santa 2021 challenge, involving a number of customisers. Being part of this challenge allowed me to pick between a number of well known, and not so well known Marvel characters and this was the end result.

Cullen Bloodtsone

When researching the character I thought it would be most fitting to show the character in both forms. Firstly as himself and secondly as a partially transformed representation of the character.

The above picture shows Cullen as himself. I wanted to ensure that the character was easily recognisable, but also could feature a change. I thought the best way to do this would be to build a back stand. This would hopefully showcase the character in transformation.

Bloodstone Transformation

As I have seen customised versions of the transformation completed and very few in progress, I chose to stick to a partial transformation. I went further to include both his unchanged head (As above), and also a partially transformed head (As below), to show the transformation from humanoid to a possessed form, Glartrox.

Bloodstone Transformation Face

Bloodstone Alt Face

This one was a real challenge for me. Coupled with that, the fact that I knew it would be posted on one of the best review sites and communities on the internet. I am fairly happy with the result. And although this one took a lot longer with having the transformative stand, it was a very enjoyable project.

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